Tuesday, February 2nd, 2021

Science Stories from Palomarin, Episode 2: Tracking a Changing Climate




Please join us for our second episode of Science Stories from Palomarin where we’ll be chatting with two scientists who have crunched the numbers from our long-term Palomarin datasets, seeking answers to questions about how climate change is affecting birds and ecosystems. 

You can join on Zoom by RSVPing at this link or mark your calendars and join via our livestream on Facebook.

We invite you to venture over to our web-based, interactive Data Explorer before and after the episode so you can delve further into this compelling topic. 

Our guests this time are Rae Goodman-Lucker (current science teacher, former SF State/Point Blue grad student, and lead author of the 2012 study “Avian body size changes and climate change: warming or increasing variability?”) and Nadav Nur (Point Blue Quantitative Ecologist and lead contact for the “Migratory Bird Arrivals” section of the EPA-led 2018 “Indicators of Climate Change in California” Report). Point Blue Principal Ecologist Dr. Kristen Dybala will continue to be your host and Point Blue Avian Ecologist and Palomarin Intern Supervisor Mark Dettling will be your MC.

We hope you continue to enjoy this new way to virtually visit and explore Palomarin. We also hope you will come away with a better sense of the important science stories that are emerging from this special spot in coastal California and how it all connects to some of the biggest conservation challenges around the world.