A Transformational Moment

We are filled with optimism as we find ourselves in a moment where we can impact conservation at a previously unimaginable pace and scale. By contributing your year-end gift, you will be part of further increasing our momentum in making critical positive transformation for a healthy planet.

What do we mean by a “transformational moment?”

In July, we finalized a five-year agreement with the Department of Defense directing all US military bases (representing 27 million acres) to use Point Blue’s Science Cloud, the system behind the Avian Knowledge Network, to store and mange all of their avian data. Read more in our latest Point Blue Quarterly.

This September, the US Department of Agriculture approved two groundbreaking awards totaling up to $55 million to scale climate-smart agriculture through carbon quantification and management across the country. Up to $4 million is earmarked in funding for Point Blue as the lead soil carbon monitoring partner, allowing us to expand our innovative Range-C program and develop a companion Crop-C effort.

Paired with our active commitment and work to increase racial, gender, ability, and other diversity, equity, and inclusion in all that we do, we can truly create transformational change at the pace and scale at which it needs to happen.

The challenge we face now is to successfully scale our organizational capacity and infrastructure to accommodate the dramatic increase in our programs mentioned above. We ask that you join us in achieving our 2022 Annual Campaign goal of $750,000 by making a generous gift to Point Blue today. Every dollar from supporters like you makes this transformation possible.