Arvind Varsani, PhD

Arizona State University

Dr. Varsani is a molecular virologist who works across ecosystems from plants to animals and from the tropics to the Antarctic. His research uses a combination of traditional virology, microscopy (including transmission electron microscopy), molecular and cellular biology techniques in conjunction with modern sequencing techniques, synthetic biology and bioinformatics to characterize viruses and understand their dynamics. Avian virology is a big part of his research and he has worked across the world on various avian species. Dr. Varsani is currently an associate professor in the Biodesign Center of Fundamental and Applied Microbiomics and the School of Life Sciences at Arizona State University. He holds adjunct positions in the Biodesign Center for Molecular Evolution and the Center of Evolution and Medicine. And he teaches both undergraduate and postgraduate courses and runs an active research group focused on virus evolution and virus discovery. Learn more here.