Your gift empowers Point Blue’s leading-edge science, education and training programs, and powerful partnerships that maximize nature’s benefits for wildlife and people.

We’ve maintained the highest possible Charity Navigator rating for the fifth consecutive year, an exceptional accomplishment. Explore our 4-star Charity Navigator profile here.

Support Bold Science Solutions

You can help us create a strong community of science advocates so that our work will achieve its fullest potential. Your gift helps us achieve bold science impact in California and beyond. Your support helps us:

  • Remove the equivalent of 55 cars off the road or offset the energy use of 24 homes each year with each mile of habitat restoration.
  • Maintain Point Blue’s keystone datasets, crucial to the understanding of changes over time.
  • Maximize the benefits of a limited water supply in California’s Central Valley — with our NASA satellite-driven system, we map where water is and where it needs to be.
  • Save whales from ship strikes.
  • Protect the Farallon Islands National Wildlife Refuge, the largest seabird breeding colony south of Alaska.
  • Collaborate with ranchers and farmers across California to sequester carbon, retain water, and benefit soil, wildlife, and rangeland productivity.

It's a Family Affair

For the Monsons, family tradition means nothing short of protecting our planet, and the animals and ecosystems that depend on it. Supporting conservation science is a family activity that is now embodied in the hearts of three generations: Point Blue supporters John and Susie, John’s parents and longtime donors Jim and Julie, and ten-year-old son Eddie.

“Point Blue is the leader in developing sustainable systems driven by crucial data collection and pragmatic ecology programs,” says John. Eddie adds, “When there is a disturbance in nature, humans can help restore the balance. Point Blue will help nature win!”

Like the Monsons, you can make a difference for our planet with a gift to Point Blue.

Make it Last

Mark Mushkat wanted to make a lasting difference for the natural world he loves. He chose to make Point Blue a partner in his conservation legacy with a gift in his estate plans. “I see my estate plan as an extension of my life’s interests,” says Mark. “It seems natural to want to continue the support I’m providing now—through financial contributions and volunteer work—by including a substantial gift to Point Blue when I’ve passed away. I am hopeful that my financial contributions help in meaningful and diverse ways, and second, my actions in the environmental community might encourage others to give however they can.”

Like Mark, you can make a lasting difference for birds, other wildlife, and human communities by making a bequest to Point Blue in your will or trust. Learn more.