It's essential that Point Blue maintains integrity in its scientific and scholarly activities because information from such activities is a critical factor that informs decision making on a wide array of public and private policies. In addition, the scientific method is at the heart of Point Blue’s identity as a science-based institution.

Learn more about our accountability, and the integrity of our scientific and scholarly activities.

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Grant Ballard, PhD
Chief Science Officer


The following documents interpret the health of Point Blue as a responsible and accomplished organization. Annual Reports summarize a year's programmatic accomplishments and present a summary of the organization's finances for that year.

We’ve also maintained the highest possible Charity Navigator rating for the fifth consecutive year, an exceptional accomplishment. Explore our 4-star Charity Navigator profile here.

For more information contact:

Padmini Srinivasan
Chief Financial Officer

2016-17 Point Blue 
Annual Report

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