It's essential that Point Blue maintains integrity in its scientific and scholarly activities because information from such activities is a critical factor that informs decision making on a wide array of public and private policies. In addition, the scientific method is at the heart of Point Blue’s identity as a science-based institution.

Learn more about our accountability, and the integrity of our scientific and scholarly activities.

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For more information contact:

Grant Ballard, PhD
Chief Science Officer


The following documents interpret the health of Point Blue as a responsible and accomplished organization. Annual Reports summarize a year's programmatic accomplishments and present a summary of the organization's finances for that year. We have Annual Reports going back to 1965. Please contact our librarian at to request archived copies.

We’ve also maintained the highest possible Charity Navigator rating for the fifth consecutive year, an exceptional accomplishment. Explore our 4-star Charity Navigator profile here.

For more information contact:

Padmini Srinivasan
Chief Financial Officer

2019-19 Point Blue 
Annual Report

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