Climate change, habitat loss, pollution, and other environmental hazards are changing the face of our planet and threatening the plants, wildlife, and people that depend on it. Greenhouse gas pollution is making our world warmer, making our oceans more acidic, causing extreme weather events, and creating rising seas. In short, human-driven global climate change is changing everything—everywhere.

Fortunately, there’s hope. Point Blue is a leader in climate-smart conservation, to help ensure that wildlife and our own communities continue to thrive in the decades to come. We believe that our collaborative climate-smart conservation actions today can lead to ecosystems that sustain healthy wildlife and human communities well into the future. As leaders and innovators in conservation science, we have the vision, scientific rigor, passion, and ability to inspire others to act to make positive conservation outcomes possible for a healthy blue planet.

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At the core of our work is innovative science, studying birds and other environmental indicators to protect nature’s benefits. Using our long-term data from the Palomarin Field Station, the Farallon Islands, and other places, we evaluate natural and human-driven change over time. We guide our partners in adaptive management for improved conservation outcomes. We publish our findings in peer-reviewed journals and contribute to the "conservation commons" of open access scientific knowledge. We store, manage, and interpret over one billion ecological observations from across North America. And we create sophisticated, yet accessible, decision support tools to improve conservation today and in an uncertain future.


We advance nature’s health through extensive collaborations on land and at sea with government agencies, private landowners, and other wildlife and habitat managers. Point Blue is an active, trusted science leader in major regional, national, and international conservation partnerships. We are also leaders in community-based restoration and education, helping ecosystems and people adapt to the changes ahead. We bring scientific expertise, follow-through, facilitation, positive attitude, active listening skills, and more to the table. We understand that our success is tightly linked to the success of our partners—whether they are public agencies, private citizens, corporations, other NGOs, or academic institutions. Fostering collaborations, building trust-based relationships, and investing in key partnerships are the mindset we bring to our work.


We not only do the science, we bring the science to public and private wildlife and habitat managers, working hand-in-hand to improve conservation outcomes for ecological and economic benefits. We educate school children and budding ecologists, training and inspiring the next-generation of conservation science leaders. We also train seasoned conservation practitioners to help them utilize the best available conservation tools and solutions.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusivity

Increasing racial, gender, cultural, and other diversity, equity, and inclusion at Point Blue and in our partnerships, is essential for the success of our mission, vision, and strategy. The effects of climate change and other environmental degradation disproportionately affect Black, Indigenous, Latinx, and other communities of color and people with lower socioeconomic standing. Solutions to our current environmental problems will be sorely lacking if historically excluded groups of people continue to be left out of the conversation. It is our responsibility to include these factors in our conservation work. We are actively engaging in a process to create lasting organizational change as well as supporting each individual staff member to more deeply examine their relationships and inherent biases in order to dismantle harmful structures of oppression and rebuild new ones that are more equitable, inclusive, just, and diverse.

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