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Upcoming Events

14 OCT

Live from the Lab: Least Tern Poop & Puke

Facebook Live


23 OCT

In the Field Live: Aging Birds

Facebook Live

8:30am - 9:15am

11 NOV

In the Field Live: Late Migrants

Facebook Live

8:30am - 9:15am

20 NOV

In the Field Live: Winter Residents

Facebook Live

8:30am - 9:15am

Recordings of Past Events

In the Field Live: Palomarin, July 24, 2020 • In the Field Live: Mono Lake, July 14, 2020 • In the Field Live: Palomarin, June 26, 2020 • In the Field Live: Palomarin, June 4, 2020

Many of our events require sign-up.

Information is listed in the description. If you have questions, please contact Jaime Lilly, Community Engagement Manager, at jlilly@pointblue.org.

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Thank You Rich Stallcup Bird-A-Thon Participants

Congratulations to all of our Rich Stallcup Bird-A-Thon counters, participants, and donors so far!

Thanks to your efforts, $74,000 and counting have been raised so Point Blue scientists can keep pushing boundaries to make an even greater climate-smart conservation impact. At least 20 teams and 98 counters have participated through our website and we know there are more participating offline.

While October 15th marked the end of the official counting period, it’s not over yet and we’re still short of our $75,000 fundraising goal. If you’ve been waiting for the right moment, please note that there is still time to donate to the event or sponsor a team or individual. It just takes a minute!

Head to www.pointblue.org/birdathon and hit the donate button, or select a team or counter from the list.

Since Point Blue’s Bird-A-Thon inception, more than $3 million have been raised for conservation science. Your support will help Point Blue scientists reduce the impacts of climate change, habitat loss, and other environmental threats while promoting nature-based, climate-smart solutions for wildlife and people.

Questions? Contact Jaime Lilly at JLilly@pointblue.org.