Sharing our knowledge by providing valuable conservation tools is essential to Point Blue’s mission.

For our conservation partners, we use long-term data sets and innovative techniques to create conservation tools that help them make informed decisions about adaptation planning, restoration potential, and land acquisition.

We also work with teachers, students and other public audiences, educating people of all ages and from all walks of life about ecosystem conservation. It’s our goal to inspire and give people the resources they need to become advocates for the environment.

Tools & Guidance

Point Blue is proud to be a “boots on the ground” organization. We were founded with a commitment to innovative science and have a contagious enthusiasm for applying our scientific knowledge for stronger conservation outcomes.

Our Science

Our committed and passionate scientists actively seek out and use the best available protocols, field techniques and data analysis methods to assess ecosystems in a rapidly changing world. We're an agile team, dedicated to improving our work to respond to new knowledge and opportunities to improve conservation outcomes.

Our long-term datasets, some dating back to the mid-1960s, provide valuable insights into change over time, enabling us to play a role in sustaining the richness of life on Earth.

Our Services

We collaborate closely with government agencies, nonprofits and private landowners to drive the adaptive management process. This involves helping people design and implement restoration, habitat management, and stewardship projects, as well as tracking the success of their actions so we can recommend ways to improve the health of the ecosystem for wildlife and people.

We also offer valuable education and training programs for people of all ages and from all backgrounds to learn and become good stewards of our planet.

Featured Resource: Climate-Smart Restoration Toolkit

The resources below are for restoration practitioners interested in designing climate-smart restorations -- restorations that will allow habitat to adapt under different future climate change scenarios and provide multiple benefits for wildlife and people.

We use our findings to address real-world challenges, working hand-in-hand with land, ocean and wildlife managers to improve conservation outcomes.

View our publication briefs.

Explore Palomarin Data

Learn more about our commitment to climate-smart conservation, our principles, and explore the conservation work that we do.


Featured Resource: Pocket Guides

Our pocket guides provide identification, natural history and conservation information and are a perfect, pocket-sized companion for nature-based outreach and education programs for all ages. We are thankful to the many partners, funders and Point Blue staff who have helped to create the pocket guides.

Except for Sagebrush Birds and Habitat editions, our pocket guides are currently out of print and we cannot send hard copies.
We welcome you to view and download copies of the pocket guides.

Farming & Ranching

Be a steward of the land without sacrificing your bottom line.

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Improve conservation outcomes and guide conservation investment priorities.

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Nature Stewardship

Identify, understand, and help birds and other animals at home and while out enjoying nature.

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Use our science. Browse our library of briefs and more than 2000 peer-reviewed scientific articles, book chapters, and reports.

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Teach others about a variety of science and conservation topics.

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Get Involved

Get Involved

You can help the environment and support our work in lots of ways: becoming a conservation volunteer, attending our events, or following and sharing our blogs and newsletters.


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