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Jaime Jahncke, PhD


California Current Group Director

Environmental Data Catalog for the Morro Bay Wind Energy Area


Clean energy that works with nature, such as wind and solar, is key to creating a healthy future. But there must be thoughtful, science-driven planning in order to implement this approach to energy production.

To help in the review and assessment of a proposed wind energy area 17 miles off the coast of San Luis Obispo County, California, Point Blue Conservation Science (Point Blue) developed a data catalogue that synthesizes relevant known environmental datasets within the vicinity, including the nearshore coastal areas.

In this report brief, we detail existing knowledge, critical data gaps, and recommendations for addressing those missing pieces. Our goal is to support the assessment of impacts to marine ecosystems from the potential future installation of turbines in the Morro Bay Wind Energy Area (MBWEA).

Our contribution is part of a multi-step process to make a decision on whether or not to lease the area in question. If leases are awarded, then the interested company has up to five years to gather the necessary data to write Site Assessment and Construction and Operation Plans. The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management would then write an Environmental Impact Statement which generally takes another two years and additional data.

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