Jeannie Johnson

Marine Lab Research Assistant

As a Marine Lab Assistant at Point Blue, I process samples from the Farallon Islands and ACCESS cruises.

I graduated from UC Santa Cruz with a bachelor’s of science degree in Marine Biology. I studied mobulid (manta and devil ray) bycatch mitigation measures in global tuna fisheries for my senior thesis and completed two other undergrad research projects. I continued my senior thesis work helping my mentor at Manta Trust collect more data and process DNA samples for the world’s largest genome library of mobulids. I received two academic awards that supported my undergraduate research. I was able to pass down my knowledge by working as a field logistics coordinator for the Doris Duke Conservation Scholar Program and act as a mentor for two different undergrad cohorts at the end of my senior year. I then continued my line of outdoor education and worked at the San Diego River Park Foundation.

I love getting people excited about science and love outdoor education. I think it is so important to continue to learn how we can all be a part of conservation and love helping kids find their passion in this field. I love continuing to grow and learn and contributing to conservation efforts to save threatened species and restore ecosystems. My favorite animal are sharks and I have a passion to protect them and make fisheries more sustainable and find innovative solutions for these complex industrial problems.

When I am not in the lab, I can be found at the nearest beach, picking up trash and admiring seashells. I also enjoy making jewelry, painting, and exploring California’s natural beauty through camping and hiking.