Katie Smith

Restoration Technician

As a restoration technician with Point Blue’s STRAW Program, I am incredibly excited to work with students and teachers to restore and enhance native plant communities, educate the next generation of land stewards, and help our community build stronger ties to the natural environment.

I graduated from UC Davis in 2020 with a B.S. in Environmental Science and Management and an emphasis in Ecology, Conservation & Biodiversity. While in school, I developed a passion for field work and research, conducting stream surveys as part of the development of the California Environmental Flows Framework. Since then, I’ve worked in watershed management and education in many exceptional river systems throughout California including the Carson River, the Lake Tahoe Basin, the Navarro, and the Eel River. I am passionate about place-based education, hands-on learning, and restoration as a multi-beneficial climate strategy.

In my free time, you might well find me exploring the mountains, hiking, swimming, or having a quiet day at home with a craft or a book.