Kirsti Carr

Avian Ecologist

As an avian ecologist for Point Blue my work focuses primarily on migratory shorebird ecology. I help lead the field effort for our project investigating the impacts of drought on Arctic-nesting shorebird species that winter in the Central Valley of CA. I’m based in the Sacramento Valley but in the spring and fall you may find me elsewhere in California and beyond, conducting migration surveys as part of the growing Intermountain West Shorebird Survey effort, started recently by Point Blue in collaboration with many critical partners.

I received my BSc in Wildlife and Fisheries Biology from the University of Vermont and have since lived all over the country, experiencing a host of different avian field and data analysis work along the way. I have been particularly lucky to spend multiple seasons studying breeding ecology in Arctic Alaska, which helped solidify my passion for shorebirds. I love studying these birds in the context of the scarce, ephemeral, and ever-changing wetlands in the western U.S., and I am excited to be a part of a rich team of collaborators impacting available habitat at vital points in their annual cycle.

Outside of work I devote much of my time to birding, reading fiction, or endeavoring on a new sewing or knitting project.