11 Oct

Wednesday, October 11, 2023

78 Species! A Conversation with Artist and Biologist Larissa Babicz

Zoom & Facebook


Zoom & Facebook

After about five months of work, Larissa Babicz, former Point Blue Apprentice, completed Birds of Palomarin, a drawing showing all 78 bird species that were caught, documented, and released back into the wild last year during her 2022 spring/summer field research season at the Palomarin Field Station. It spans February through October, so includes some of spring migration, some of fall migration, and the full nesting season.

Join us for a conversation with Larissa on what merging art and science means to her and how this piece came to life through her experience at Point Blue’s globally impactful Palomarin Field Station.

Register for the Zoom conversation here or tune in to our Facebook livestream via our page here.

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