Diana Humple

Avian Ecologist & Banding Coordinator

As an avian ecologist with Point Blue, my main roles include project lead for the work we do at the Palomarin Field Station and other landbird monitoring projects in the Bay Area; banding coordinator, which involves managing banding data and permits for the organization; and coordinator of Point Blue’s oil spill response and preparedness efforts for the state of California. Thankfully I still get out into the field with intermittent regularity.

I received an undergraduate degree in environmental science (ecology) and psychology from the University of Virginia in 1995, and subsequently came to Point Blue (PRBO at that time) as an intern in 1996, first working with Loggerhead Shrikes in shrubsteppe habitat in Oregon and then as a bander at the Palomarin Field Station. I have since been involved in a variety of projects and geographies, with an emphasis and primary interests in intern training, bird banding, migratory ecology, oil spill science and response, and long-term monitoring of landbird populations. In 2009 I completed a Master’s Degree in Biology at Sonoma State University studying genetics and oil spill demographics of Western and Clark’s Grebes.

I am fortunate to be based out of the Palomarin Field Station in the south end of Point Reyes National Seashore.