John Wiens

Research Associate

Dr. Wiens is a leading ecologist whose research has focused on birds and insects in semiarid environments on several continents, emphasizing community ecology and spatial relationships. A pioneer in the field of landscape ecology. Past president of the International Association for Landscape Ecology. Serves on editorial boards of the journals Ecosystems and Landscape Ecology. His academic career, principally at three western universities, spanned several decades. In 2002−08, he was lead scientist for The Nature Conservancy with responsibilities for “promoting the infusion of science into conservation practice.” He has published more than 200 papers and books including Issues and Perspectives in Landscape Ecology (2005) and Foundation Papers in Landscape Ecology (2007)  John was the Chief Scientist at Point Blue from 2008-2013 and continues to consult and collaborate with Point Blue staff on various conservation projects.