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Throwback Thursday: On This Day in the Palomarin Journal in 1980

The Palomarin Journal goes hand-in-hand with our long-term avian and ecosystem studies at the field station. Each day since 1966 interns, volunteers and staff have sat down at the end of the day and took stock of the weather, people, birds and any other noteworthy items encountered during that day. The Journal tracks the rich history of avian science, conservation training, and field biology culture at the field station. On Throwback Thursdays we share snapshots of Palomarin history from this journal with you and invite you to reflect on times past and change over time with us.

On this day in 1980: Sandra, Dave, and Peggy worked the nets, while Laura, Mary, and Bay worked the grids (including baiting traps) and Peter worked the data; everyone did data in the afternoon. Thirty-four birds were caught, including a Townsend’s Warbler and a Gambel’s White-crowned Sparrow. A new phone line was installed and the pay phone was fixed. A Peregrine flew over (probably a highlight given the year). Life went on as it does at Palomarin – with inspiration, perseverance and a collective passion.

“Today’s sunset was deep in hues – and, after the sun had buried itself under its pillow of sea, the clouds exposed a green crevasse of sky – BIZARRE – extending across the horizon!!! Swallow that, you green-flash afficianados…”

courtesy of Miguel Demeulemeester
courtesy of Miguel Demeulemeester

“Nobody interesting or unusual stopped by; no unusual birds appeared; no mail came; nobody went anywhere; Peter took a long run, though, and then we all took solace in his excellent wine, Laura’s good soup, deer fattening up on our lawn, the deep blue sky that finally opened up above the sand colored North ridge…even now, jackrabbits are most likely ringing round our home, and the raccoons steadily traveling closer to the trash cans by our drive, and Wrentits are sleeping with Wrentits.”


Best wishes to you all.