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And, they’re off! Point Blue team departs for Glasgow.

Our COP26 Team 1 strategizing over morning coffee in Glasgow. L to R: Yale University’s Liz Plascencia, Working Lands Research Director & Principal Soil Ecologist Chelsea Carey, and CEO Manuel Oliva.

By Mani Oliva, C.E.O.

As our COP26 team gets ready to fly to Glasgow, Scotland for the United Nations’ annual climate change conference, we’re filled with excitement and a sense of urgency. Excitement because this is the premier gathering of the governments, scientists, non-governmental organizations, and activists who care most about addressing one of the most serious environmental problems threatening our planet. And urgency, because as scientists, we’ve been paying attention to the repeated findings that, as a global community, we’re running out of time to address the problem.

The name of the event signals that this is the 26th “Conference of Parties,” meaning those governments that signed on to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. Delegations from these countries gather every year (with the exception of 2020, due to COVID-19) to sort out the details of global agreements and national commitments to reduce dangerous climate pollution and make plans to adapt to a changing climate.

For the fourth year, Point Blue is proud to be an “official observer organization,” a status given to accredited NGOs that allows us to observe the negotiations in progress and meet with the global community of those committed to addressing climate change. And this year, I’m excited to be joined by an exceptional team, including:

  • Dr. Chelsea Carey, Working Lands Research Director & Principal Soil Ecologist
  • Dr. Liz Chamberlin, Director of Strategic Innovations
  • Geoff Gordon-Creed, Chair, Point Blue Board of Directors
  • Nadine Peterson, Policy Chair, Point Blue Board of Directors

We’re also excited to have two graduate students from the Yale School of Forestry joining our team for the two-week meeting. Welcome Liz Plascencia and Anelise Zimmer.

We will be sure to send at least one email update from Glasgow, but we’ll also be sharing updates on social media in real time. Be sure to follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for all the latest developments!

While in Scotland, we’ll be sharing our latest scientific findings that underpin our climate-smart conservation approach. From designing restoration projects built for a changing climate to answering some of the biggest remaining questions about how agriculture can be a part of the climate solution, Point Blue continues to be a leader in helping ensure a safe future for people and wildlife.