All Hands on Deck!

“All hands on deck!” This call to action, often heard on a ship, resonates deeply with Point Blue, an organization committed to mobilizing nature-based solutions to combat our planet’s most significant environmental threats. Community engagement is a significant component of Point Blue’s strategy for achieving sustainable change, and it’s this ability to convene a community that sets us apart. Our goal is to protect both human and wildlife populations so that we can thrive together into the future.

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As we move forward, we’re working to match our rigorous scientific research and cutting-edge conservation technology with community involvement and exciting public-private partnerships. We encourage everyone, from government officials and scientists to landowners, educators, and nature lovers, to join us in the fight to preserve our planet.

Pro-active Inclusivity & Partnership

One of many inspiring examples of the power of partnership is Point Blue’s Roots Program, which was catalyzed by one of two block grants received in 2023 from the California Wildlife Conservation Board. We are honored to be trusted by the State to steward these significant funds to achieve impact through the Roots Program and another of our long-standing collaborations, the Sierra Meadows Partnership. Over the next four years, the Roots Program will administer funding and technical assistance to farmers, ranchers, and other partners in support of multi-benefit, solutions-based, and equity-focused restoration projects on California’s working lands. We’re prioritizing support to applicants who have historically had less access to conservation resources. The program will exponentially increase Point Blue’s conservation impact and is a key part of the State’s strategy to conserve 30% of California’s lands and coastal waters by 2030. Your year-end gift is vital to our ability to scale up these programs and build the organizational capacity and infrastructure necessary for success.

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Supporting the Next Generation

Point Blue is also committed to training and educating the next generation of conservation leaders through our Learners to Leaders program, which provides paid conservation career training through our apprenticeship programs for young adults. Our Community College Conservation Internship provides Black, Indigenous, and other People of Color with a compensated training program designed to empower young people to address climate change. Our STRAW program, which makes science real for K-12 students through hands-on restoration projects, is going stronger than ever. With your generous year-end gift, you help us make the conservation space more inclusive and accessible to all young people who want to make a difference for the health of our planet.

We are grateful for your partnership and support as we work together to combat climate change and biodiversity loss. Your thoughtful year-end investment builds our momentum to secure a healthier future for birds, other wildlife, and our communities. Thank you!

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