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Current News, Information, and Events

Fishing in the Ross Sea

Sustainable or not?  We recognized that the Antarctic toothfish, also known as Chilean seabass, played a key role in the Southern Ocean food web, but we wanted to find out HOW important.  Take a look at our findings in this recent publication brief.

Managing Water from Space

Almost every drop of water in California’s Central Valley is managed.  Learn about a new tool we created with partners to help decision makers, from National Wildlife Refuge Managers to rice growers, in this NASA Landsat Science interview with lead scientist, Dr. Matt Reiter, and explore the tool here.

Science Matters!

To put it simply, science matters—especially as global climate change and habitat loss continue to escalate. Read a perspective from Point Blue's President and CEO, Ellie Cohen, on recent gag orders issued to our natural resource science partners in Washington here.