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Point Blue's 160 scientists develop nature-based solutions to climate change, habitat loss, and other environmental threats to benefit wildlife and people.

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Kat Taylor and TomKat Ranch
"Growing up in California, spending most of my time out-of-doors, I was raised in a nature ethic. I understand that we live within natural resource and ecological limits, and we have to tend to the planet that is so gracious to host us. That’s why at TomKat Ranch we partner with Point Blue to create a “learning laboratory.” Here beef graze on grasses and pastures only. At the same time, the soil ecosystem grows healthier. This is “ecological ranching” where cattle are used to improve biodiversity above and below the ground. Point Blue's scientists and data help us understand what’s going on. I'm proud to be a supporting partner with them."

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Waterbirds, Wetlands, & Water Budgets in the Central Valley

The Sustainable Groundwater Management Act is expected to transform the landscape in California’s Central Valley and Point Blue is making sure that wetland water needs are part of the water budgeting planning.

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Cormorant Comeback

Meredith Elliott, Senior Scientist at Point Blue, and colleagues looked at Double-crested Cormorant colony numbers in the San Francisco Bay area over a 42-year period to better understand how the cormorant population changed through time and why.

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Jiminy Cricket!

Evolutionary secrets have been uncovered about the Farallon Cave Cricket (Farallonophilus cavernicolus) in a new paper by former graduate student Mike Valainis supported by his professor and Point Blue Farallon Program staff.

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What’s Up with Whale Entanglements?

Humpback whales are getting tangled-up, harmed, and sometimes killed by gear associated with crab fishing. Learn how Point Blue and partners are working collaboratively to address this avoidable issue.

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Smarter Conservation Solutions

Sharing our conservation resources and knowledge and providing our partners with valuable conservation tools is essential to Point Blue’s mission.

Farming & Ranching

Be a steward of the land without sacrificing your bottom line.

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Improve conservation outcomes and guide conservation investment priorities.

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Nature Stewardship

Identify, understand, and help birds and other animals at home and while out enjoying nature.

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Use our science. Browse our library of briefs and more than 2,000 peer-reviewed scientific articles, book chapters, and reports.

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Teach others about a variety of science and conservation topics.

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