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Point Blue's 160 scientists develop nature-based solutions to climate change, habitat loss, and other environmental threats to benefit wildlife and people.

2020 Rich Stallcup Bird-A-Thon

Congratulations to all of our Rich Stallcup Bird-A-Thon counters, participants, and donors so far!

Thanks to your efforts, over $75,000 and counting have been raised so Point Blue scientists can keep pushing boundaries to make an even greater climate-smart conservation impact. At least 20 teams and 98 counters have participated through our website and we know there are more participating offline.

While October 15th marked the end of the official counting period, it’s not over yet. If you’ve been waiting for the right moment, please note that there is still time to donate to the event or sponsor a team or individual. It just takes a minute!

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What's Happening

Live Science!

Join Point Blue scientists in our Marine Lab and at our Palomarin Field Station via Facebook live to see our science up close and ask us all your burning bird and ecosystem questions. And explore science stories in a new webinar series.

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Building Resilience

This past year has been a year like no other. As an organization, Point Blue has built resilience into our action
plans, our operations, and our partnerships. Read more in our most recent Annual Impact Report.

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Shorebird Connections

Last month the foundational paper from our internationally collaborative Migratory Shorebird Project was published in Avian Conservation and Ecology.

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Big News. Good News.

On Wednesday, October 7, Governor Newsom released an executive order that charges state agencies to produce a climate-smart strategy for addressing the global biodiversity and climate crises.

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Smarter Conservation Solutions

Sharing our conservation resources and knowledge and providing our partners with valuable conservation tools is essential to Point Blue’s mission.

Farming & Ranching

Be a steward of the land without sacrificing your bottom line.

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Improve conservation outcomes and guide conservation investment priorities.

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Nature Stewardship

Identify, understand, and help birds and other animals at home and while out enjoying nature.

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Use our science. Browse our library of briefs and more than 2,000 peer-reviewed scientific articles, book chapters, and reports.

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Teach others about a variety of science and conservation topics.

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