Alejandro Rosales

Restoration Technician, Novato Baylands

As a STRAW Restoration Technician who is based out at Novato Baylands, I work alongside volunteers in the restoration of wetlands and seasonal ponds under the goal of preserving wildlife habitats. In this role I strive to educate the community about the importance of wetlands and how they can help STRAW’s efforts.

I studied Ecology and Evolution at UC Santa Cruz and received a B.S. in 2020. After receiving my bachelor’s, I wanted to explore a conservation-based career path. So, I joined an internship program at the Wildlife Care Association where I aided in the rehabilitation efforts of injured/orphaned wildlife. In 2022 I joined SPAWN to aid in the efforts of restoring riparian habitat to support endangered Coho Salmon in the Lagunitas watershed. It was at this point that I had gained an interest in wanting to support habitat restoration efforts in the North bay area. I joined Point Blue’s STRAW team in 2023.

When I’m not working, I like to end my day with a good book (mostly rom-com and fantasy genres). Other than that, I enjoy finding new hotspots! Whether that be hiking trails or restaurants to indulge in.