Alissa Fogg

Central Sierra Project Leader

I conduct avian research throughout the entire Sierra Nevada, but as the Central Sierra Project Leader, I work to build partnerships throughout this region to conserve, birds, their habitats and use science to help guide management and policy decisions. I coordinate the Sierra Nevada-wide Bioregional Monitoring Project and work with federal and private partners to guide restoration in montane meadows, post-fire landscapes and the Sierra foothills.

I grew up in New England, attended Guilford College where I first discovered ornithology and moved to the Sierra Nevada in 2003 and never looked back.  I received my M.S. in Wildlife Ecology from Humboldt State University, with research focused on grazing effects on birds in montane meadows.  I joined Point Blue’s Sierra Nevada group in 2009 and am based outside Placerville, in the heart of the Sierra foothills.