Alycia Matz

Project Manager, Novato Baylands

As a STRAW Project Manager at the Novato Baylands, my role is centered on supporting and engaging communities in hands-on restoration activities. I’m driven to do this work as I believe in the importance of fostering genuine connections between the land, wildlife, and people. These connections promote both individual’s health (socially, physically, and emotionally) as well as planetary health—especially crucial when it comes to engaging youth and young adults.

I initially began my career as a theatrical Costume Designer, having graduated from Indiana University-Bloomington with a B.A. in Theatre and a B.S. in Psychology. In 2020, I decided to shift careers; instead of telling stories on the stage, I now get to help tell the stories of the land, its plants and wildlife, and of the Indigenous peoples who’ve been its stewards for time immemorial. I’m currently in the process of completing a M.S. in Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences through University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. I began as a Restoration Intern, then a Restoration Technician, with the non-profit Novato Baylands Stewards, which oversaw management at the Novato Baylands before Point Blue assumed responsibility in July 2022.

When I’m not at the Novato Baylands, I’m usually hiking, camping, taking photos of plants and birds, painting, or hanging out with my family, friends, and two cats!