Amélie Lescroël, Ph.D

Research Associate

Dr. Lescroël started working with Point Blue in 2005, as a postdoc on the Adélie penguin research project conducted on Ross Island, Antarctica, and could never sever this important connection despite having held several research positions in French research centers and universities. She is a specialist of using miniaturized electronic devices (e.g. time-depth recorders, gps and satellite transmitters, accelerometers, video cameras) on seabirds to collect data about their movements and behavior. Since 2009, she has been a co-PI on two NSF-funded research proposals aiming at 1) better understanding how individual characteristics interacts with environmental conditions to affect demography and population growth of Adélie penguins, and 2) opening up the black box of Adélie penguins winter ecology. Dr. Lescroël also used seabirds and seabird-derived data to foster marine stakeholder cooperation in conservation planning processes (more info here). Through her work, she contributes to Point Blue publications, conference talks and public outreach events. She is also happy to share her expertise in proposal writing, her experience in working with diverse stakeholder groups and her international connections with other Point Blue projects whenever the opportunity arises.