Andrew Bertotti

NE California Roots Program Biologist

I am a biologist for the Working Lands Group, specifically the Roots Program. My home base is Janesville, CA at the convergence of the Sierra Nevada, the Cascade Range, and the Great Basin. I primarily work with landowners and land managers to enhance wildlife habitat on working lands. I also assist with grazing management planning and technical assistance with CDFA and NRCS conservation plans.

I grew up on a ranch in this region, and have spent most of my life here, working on the land and exploring as much as possible. The interplay between landform, climate, flora, fauna, and people has always fascinated me; and I feel that the Working Lands Group is a great place to find synergies between these elements to accomplish meaningful work.

I studied at Cornell University and earned my bachelor’s degree in Crop and Soil Sciences. And since my graduation in 2008, I’ve been farming and ranching in Lassen and Modoc Counties. I felt a pull to integrate myself back into society and was fortunate enough to find my position at Point Blue in the summer of 2023.

When not working on Point Blue projects, I can mostly be found working on ranch projects or doing outdoorsy things with my son Clyde and our numerous pets.