Carrie Wendt

Senior Partner Biologist

As a Senior Partner Biologist for the Rangeland Watershed Initiative in Butte and Tehama Counties I further the partnership between Point Blue Conservation Science and the USDA’s Natural Resource Conservation Science (NRCS). I work directly with NRCS conservationists, landowners, and other local conservation professionals to develop sustainable agricultural practices that improve ecosystem health, which benefits wildlife and producers alike. I assist NRCS with providing technical and financial assistance to working farmers and ranchers to meet conservation goals. I also evaluate the outcome of conservation practices by monitoring soil health as well as plant and bird communities.

I primarily grew up in Northern California, but my family moved often. When I was young we spent three years living and traveling abroad. During high school my family owned a small farm and my Mom ran a market garden. These experiences later inspired me to work in farming communities. Prior to joining the team at Point Blue I worked seasonally for the National Park Service and other federal and state agencies for over 10 years doing wildlife research, trail construction, habitat restoration and wildland firefighting. I have been fortunate enough to research birds in Kenya, China and around the Western United States. I have a BSc and MSc in wildlife, both from Humboldt State University. In my free time I enjoy traveling, backpacking, running and playing with my dogs.