Corey Shake

Senior Partner Biologist, Woodland

As a Senior Partner Biologist for the Rangeland Watershed Initiative, I work with landowners and livestock producers to improve ecosystem health on private rangeland.  I team up with Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) staff to implement on-the-ground conservation practices and management strategies.  Covering Yolo County, I work out of the NRCS office in Woodland, California.  I provide conservation planning assistance aimed at benefitting fish and wildlife habitat and ecosystem function.  To monitor the effects of our work, I also conduct bird and wildlife surveys, vegetation measurements, and habitat assessments on the ranches of participating landowners.

In addition to working on rangelands, I work on projects that improve water management for birds in ricefields and restore native habitat for beneficial insects.  I find it very motivating to work on projects that address the needs of wildlife while also benefitting human well-being through ecosystem services like water quality and quantity, pollination, food production, and carbon sequestration.

Prior to coming to Point Blue, I spent much of my early career on bird monitoring and research projects in many fascinating habitats, including managed forests in Idaho, desert riparian of Arizona, farmlands of North Carolina, cloud forests of Peru, and seabird nesting areas in Alaska and California.  Most recently I worked in the Central Valley studying shorebird use of flooded croplands.  Along the route, I picked up degrees in wildlife science (B.S., University of Idaho and M.S. North Carolina State University) and a banjo playing habit.

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