Edgar Alvarez

Bilingual Conservation Educator (Spanish/ English)

As a bilingual conservation educator with the STRAW Program, I teach at schools throughout the Bay Area, support at STRAW restorations, and much more.

I grew up in Los Angeles where I was fortunate enough to live right next to the LA River. Specifically, the part of the LA River that isn’t paved, next to Frogtown. Exploring the LA River is a constant memory for me, a whole other world teeming with wildlife, right next to one of the biggest urban areas in the U.S. As I widened my search outside of the city and experienced nature in designated lands, my passion for the outdoors increased. I went on to get my bachelor’s degree from CSU Long Beach in Geography and minor in Environmental Science and Policy.

After graduating I was selected for the Inclusive NOAA Fisheries Internship Program (IN-FISH), where I spent my summer on the East Coast in the Office of Sustainable Fisheries at the National Marine Fisheries Service. I became acquainted with public policy and the proper management of our marine resources.

I enjoy hiking, rock climbing, fishing, or anything that’ll keep me outdoors and active.