Emily Allen

Senior Project Manager

As a Project Manager with STRAW, my work focuses on the implementationĀ  of riparian and marsh transition zone restoration projects with students, teachers, restoration specialists and a diversity of project partners throughout the North San Francisco Bay. My time is spent between field work, engaging students in watershed education, and managing the STRAW intern program.

Iā€™ve spent much of my childhood and subsequent years exploring the creeks of Sonoma County. My interest in environmental restoration was sparked as a student at Sonoma State University while mapping an invasive tree species in dense thickets of Himalayan blackberry. Distressed by the lack of native vegetation and tangle of invasive species, I sought a path that would allow me easier access to explore and help heal riparian habitats. This path led to an internship with the STRAW Project in 2004, and then led to joining Point Blue in 2011.