Emily Rice

Coastal Program Biologist

I am a Coastal Program Biologist at Point Blue’s Vandenberg Field Station. I started as a seasonal with Point Blue in spring of 2015 and became a full time staff member in 2017.  I work the beaches and cliffs of Vandenberg conducting breeding and nonbreeding surveys for snowy plovers, least terns, and other seabird species.  I’ve worked with seabirds and shorebirds for 15 years now, never missing a summer on the beach!

My background started on the east coast on the eastern shore of Maryland, to North Carolina’s barrier islands and finally ending up in California in 2011.  I spent 4 years in San Diego in large California least tern colonies before finding the much quieter and vastly more beautiful central coast in 2015.

Included in my picture is my most favorite 12 year hound dog named North hailing from the coasts of North Carolina!