Julian Wood

San Francisco Bay Program Leader

As the San Francisco Bay Program Leader at Point Blue, I work to promote conservation actions that address climate change and land-use change in ways that benefit human and wetland bird communities throughout the Bay Area.

My passion for nature began at a young age in the weedy edges of lakes and rivers in Michigan and evolved into an interest in birds after an influential ornithology course at Earlham College in Richmond, Indiana. Since then, I have attempted to develop a deeper understanding of birds, their environment and how our interactions with them can be positive.

My work at Point Blue, which began as an internship at the Palomarin Field Station in 1996, has taken me from Montana to Mexico studying bird ecology in grassland, riparian, and wetland habitats.  After spending six years supervising projects in the San Joaquin Valley focused on bird response to riparian restoration, I now develop and lead projects focused on understanding bird response to wetland restoration and developing and promoting conservation actions that result in healthy bird communities and wetland ecosystems within the context of a rapidly changing environment.

I split my time between the East Bay and our Petaluma headquarters.