Katie Brown

Full Stack Web Developer

As Full Stack Web Developer on the Informatics team, I help develop technology for capturing and storing data for the Range-C Monitoring Program, as well as designing and implementing user interfaces for Avian Knowledge Network tools.

Originally a public historian with degrees from Christopher Newport University and Virginia Tech, I initially took on my first serious programming challenge in the early days of the pandemic when the museum I worked for decided to remove the interactive experiences from the galleries in the interest of public health. Believing in interactives’ power to diversify historic narratives and audiences, I built a series of touchless digital experiences with sensors and microprocessors to replace the high-touch alternatives. This experience inspired me to change my career trajectory to focus on technology for positive impact. Since completing a software engineering apprenticeship, I have contributed to web applications for a wide range of environmental and social justice initiatives, including helping communities understand and prepare for wildfire risk, improving transparency in democracies, helping residents of Philadelphia find alternative forms of transportation, and now enjoy focusing on technology for conservation at Point Blue.

When not working from my remote home office in Maryland, I can be found birding, reading, or taking long walks around my beloved home city of Baltimore.