Megan Elrod

San Francisco Bay Biologist & Librarian

As a biologist in the San Francisco Bay, I spend most of my time out in tidal marshes – monitoring bird response to restoration in the Estuary, and keeping tabs on the federally endangered California Ridgway’s Rail (formerly Clapper Rail; and yes, that’s Ridgway spelled without an “e”).

I grew up in Louisville, KY and received my undergraduate degree in biology from Milligan College in East Tennessee. I eventually migrated to California to begin working as an intern at the Palomarin Field Station, where I solidified my desire to work in the field of avian ecology. Field work has taken me lots of incredible places, and I’ve had the privilege of studying a variety of systems and species, from ground nesting Phylloscopus warblers in Siberia, to cooperative breeding Purple-crowned Fairy-wrens in Western Australia, and the not-so-monogamous Rusty Blackbirds in Alaska. Most recently I’ve expanded my avian studies to include seabirds, specifically with Point Blue’s team working with Adélie Penguins on Ross Island, Antarctica.

I enjoy working in the field from Suisun to the South Bay, and now down to the Southen Ocean, as well as managing our library collection and assisting with the varied research needs of our science staff. If I’m not driving a boat down a slough of the Petaluma River, or getting stuck in the mud at China Camp State Park, you may find me in the library at Point Blue Headquarters. I also split up my office time and get to work out of the Palomarin Field Station, the place where it all started for me. Off-duty, I’ll be at home in Bolinas, likely still out birding, or playing soccer.