Michael Mahoney

Northern Sierra Lead Technician & Palomarin Banding Supervisor

I split my time at Point Blue between summers working as the Northern Sierra Lead Technician on the Child’s Meadow Project and fall and winters for the Pacific Coast and Central Valley Group, as a Banding Supervisor at the Palomarin Field Station. On the Child’s Meadow Project, I lead in-field efforts on a variety of years-since-restoration study plots and help operate the M.A.P.S. banding stations. On the Palomarin Project, I supervise in the training of early career bird banders and assist in maintaining the long term data set.

I grew up outside Chicago, Illinois and received my B.S. in Ecology in Evolutionary Biology at Tulane University. There I spent my time coming into myself as a naturalist, working as an outdoor trip leader for university students, and assisting on a variety of field projects in Jordan Karubian’s lab. After graduating, I hopped out to Susanville, California on an internship for the Chicago Botanic Garden, and stuck around out west after taking an internship at Point Blue’s Palomarin Field Station as a winter bander.

I am excited about monitoring ecosystems using birds as indicators especially when it comes to seeing how they respond to disturbance, management, and process-based restoration. When I’m not monitoring bird populations or singing the wonders of beavers, you can find me checking out the flowers, swimming, soaking up the sun, or eating food with friends!