Nadav Nur

Quantitative Ecology Program Director

I served as Point Blue’s first Quantitative Ecologist upon my arrival at what was then Point Reyes Bird Observatory in 1989.  As current Director of the Quantitative Ecology Program at Point Blue, my mission is to bring together ecology and statistics in order to better understand the forces, natural and anthropogenic, that impact wildlife at present and in the future. To that end, I completed graduate training in evolutionary and behavioral ecology at Duke University, receiving my Ph.D., and then went back to graduate school to study Biostatistics, receiving my MS from the University of Washington. What brought me to Point Blue was the opportunity to apply state-of-the-art science to real-world problems in conservation and management of birds and their habitats.

I collaborate with a wide range of biologists, at Point Blue and beyond, developing and applying innovative statistical methods as well as developing monitoring programs to guide the conservation and assess the efficacy of management actions that target sensitive wildlife. Population dynamic models that I have developed have guided management of snowy plovers on the Pacific coast, Newell’s shearwaters in Hawaii, the marbled murrelet in the Pacific Northwest, as well as seabirds on the Farallon Islands. My office is in Petaluma where I am part of the Climate Adaptation Group.

I have enjoyed living in Mill Valley since 1991, which provides a wonderful opportunity for hikes on Mount Tamalpais and in the Golden Gate National Recreational Area. In addition to my passion for science, I have a long-standing passion for dance in its many forms, especially traditional folk dancing. I have taught folk dancing in Europe, Israel, and on the East Coast and West Coast of the US. And when time permits, I Lindy hop with my wife, Linda.