Nadine Peterson

Policy Chair

Nadine Peterson was formerly the Chief Deputy Executive Officer for the California Coastal Conservancy where she was responsible for legislative affairs, federal funding for nationally significant projects, administrative functions, strategic planning, and for developing and overseeing the agency’s climate policy, project selection criteria, and Climate Ready program. She served on and lead many steering committees including the Bay Area Ecosystem Climate Change Consortium, the BAECCC executive committee responsible for the Baylands Ecosystem Habitat Goals Climate Update, the CA Landscape Conservation Cooperative, and the Alliance of Regional Collaborative for Climate Adaptation.  As the Conservancy’s first San Francisco Bay Conservancy Manager she oversaw a collaborative effort to develop and implement regional program goals and strategic plan objectives, grant program that provided technical and financial assistance to hundreds of priority conservation and recreation projects, and oversight of the planning and implementation of major national resource restoration projects including the South Bay Salt Pond Restoration, Hamilton/Bel Marin Keys, the Napa River Salt Pond Restoration, and the Invasive Spartina Removal project. Nadine holds a Masters, degree in Urban and Regional Planning from Cal State University at San Jose and a BA degree in Environmental Studies from Cal State University at Sacramento.