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We All Belong

By Manuel Oliva, CEO

These past weeks we have been witnesses to stark reminders of inequality and injustice in the United States.  As an organization founded by bird conservationists over 55 years ago, to many in our community the racist incident in the Central Park Ramble in New York City, in which a white woman called the police on Christian Cooper, a black birder, was a very poignant example. But it is just one example of the many tragic and ongoing moments that threaten the freedom and lives of black people and other people of color. From New York to Minnesota, Georgia, Kentucky, and beyond, the reminders of our unjust society are everywhere. 

Our organization started because passionate and intellectually curious individuals were free to act on their vision and pursue their love of birds and nature, the same traits held by so many, including Christian Cooper. As an organization that has grown to address broader conservation issues, we accept that a fundamental tenet of our work is the equal participation in and benefit sharing of our conservation actions by all people. The incident in Central Park reminds us that these are still only ideals and not yet reality for many.  As a non-profit organization with deep roots and enduring partnerships throughout California and beyond, Point Blue will strive to better serve and include all of the communities in which we work, not only to advance climate-smart conservation science but to do our part in support of a more equitable and just society.