Los Farallones

Dispatches from Point Blue’s field station on the Farallon Islands National Wildlife Refuge

Farallonathon Day 3

The Score:

Yesterday’s total: 102 
Migrant Birds: 10
Dragonfly: 1 
Shark Attacks: 1 (5 points)

Total Points: 118 Points

The third day of Farallonathon was marked by a surprise Nano-Wave. We had a whopping ten new migrant bird species including a Magnolia Warbler, that arrived late in the afternoon.  The Nano-Wave also produced the first of the Fall American Goldfinch, Bonaparte’s Gull, and Band-tailed pigeon. 

The Island was shrouded in fog for most of the late morning and early afternoon which halted Shark watch and reduced our chances of observing a Shark attack.  We were, however, still able to observe a Shark attack off Sea Pigeon Point late in the afternoon once the fog receded.

This advanced plumage HY White-crowned Sparrow didn’t count as a Farallonaton point yesterday.  It was counted on Day 1, but it was one of the 18 birds that we banded.

One of the two Clay-colored Sparrows on the island, this HY was also one of the birds banded yesterday. 
Another Farallonathon point, courtesy of this Band-tailed Pigeon.

A Variegated Meadowhawk munching on a fly counted as a Farallonathon point. 
This AHY Male Magnolia Warbler was an exciting addition to our growing Farallonathon list.