Los Farallones

Dispatches from Point Blue’s field station on the Farallon Islands National Wildlife Refuge

Farallonathon Day 5

The Score:

Yesterday’s total: 124
Salamander: 1 point

Fish: 1 point

Total Points: 126 Points

Well, the weather got better but only slightly. The fog stuck around but the rain went away. Try as we might we were not able to get a single bird Farallonathon point. As dedicated Farallonathoners we did not give up and instead turned our attention to other taxa. The rains yesterday actually helped us out, making Arboreal Salamander easy to find. Fish species also count for the Farallonathon, but usually are pretty difficult for us to locate and identify. Lucky for us there was a nice low tide this evening which allowed us to get down to Jewel Cave and do some tide pooling. We were able to find Red Irish Lord Sculpin for our second and last point for the day. We are still optomistic that the fog will break tomorrow and bring some more birds and points.

Arboreal Salamander, the only native terrestrial animal on the island.

Juvenile Red Irish Lord Sculpin found in Jewel Cave.