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A Beautiful New Way to Connect

Thanks for visiting our brand new website! We’ve improved how we communicate our science impact to you. Please take a look around and tell us what you think!

Since our founding in 1965, Point Blue has grown in geographic reach from the Point Reyes National Seashore to an international reach that stretches from Alaska to Peru; in breadth of study from migratory bird ecology to a larger ecosystem approach with expertise in plants, soils, marine mammals, climate change science, data management, and modeling; and in the number of staff and scientists doing the conservation work from just a handful to close to 200 today. With all this growth and exciting change, also comes a welcome challenge to communicate who we are in a cohesive and compelling way.

Our new site showcases who we are in 2018, what we’re doing, and how we’re achieving significant conservation impact. Most importantly, it helps us share our story with you so we can achieve even more together.

With collaboration from partners and supporters, we’re restoring habitat and empowering young people from the Sierra to the sea with a climate-smart lens through our STRAW (Students and Teachers Restoring A Watershed) program. Photo:Ethan Inlander / The Nature Conservancy, 2015 Pajaro River STRAW restoration.

As you explore, you’ll see easier ways to learn about the exciting and important work we’re doing and more ways to engage with it. We hope you find the experience visually compelling, emotionally stirring, and intellectually stimulating…almost as if you were out with us in the beautiful habitats we’re protecting and conserving!

We hope you’ll dive in and get to know us. Point Blue is a stellar group of staff supported by a top notch Board of Directors, Science Advisory Committee, and Research Associate group. Visit the Our Team page and explore all of the passionate experts that drive our climate-smart conservation science. Drop any one of us a line if there’s something you’re curious about!

Point Blue staff, interns, and supporters at the April 2017 Science March in San Francisco, CA.

We also want you to use and share our science. We have a packed and growing toolbox. Explore the Tools & Guidance section and find tools to use and share with friends, family, and colleagues. Help us spread our innovative, climate-smart resources to make a difference for people and wildlife.

Finally, we want you to understand, get excited about, support, and share our work. Explore the breadth and depth of everything we’re doing today in the six focus areas of the Our Work section. We think we did a good job making the complex clear, but let us know if you see ways that we can improve the site. We’d also love to hear what you enjoy and appreciate! Please email any comments to our communications team:

We’d like to acknowledge our amazing collaborators and design consultants at Ingenuity Design. We are so grateful to them for helping us navigate, envision, and create this new web experience. From Kate’s militant status updates and cheery goodbyes at the end of every status meeting to Brian’s great sense of humor and message massaging to Greg’s gentle and steady guiding design expertise, we appreciated working with a firm of complimentary, passionate, and fun professionals.

The Ingenuity team!

We’re also deeply grateful to the Kimball Foundation who invested in this endeavor to help us better communicate the work we’re doing.

With that, please enjoy your experience at the brand new! Stay a while and stay in touch with us about how it’s impacting you and how we can improve the site. We love data and we’re good at turning it into action. Thank you for engaging with us and we look forward to continuing our work together to accomplish even more impactful climate-smart conservation.

Lishka Arata
Communications Coordinator