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A Milestone for Science and Conservation

Point Blue was excited to see that, last night, after seven hours of presentations, expert testimony, public comment, and discussion, the California Coastal Commission voted yes (5-3 and with a few minor conditions) to find the Fish and Wildlife Service’s proposal to eradicate invasive mice from the Farallon Islands consistent with the California Coastal act. The Commission’s support for the proposed restoration action echoes support not just from Point Blue, but leading conservation, science, and wildlife rehabilitation groups around the state and internationally, as well as over a thousand supportive citizens. This is a crucial milestone in the process.

We congratulate the Fish and Wildlife Service and everyone else who has worked so hard on this over the past 17 years. This includes many Point Blue scientists whose science supported the proposal–including some who are no longer with Point Blue.

“I’m really glad that the California Coastal Commission followed the best available science and their staff report in making their decision today,” said Pete Warzybok, Point Blue’s Farallon Islands Program Lead. “The Farallon Islands are such an important location for breeding seabirds, seals, sea lions, and many other species, and we look forward to seeing the ecosystem rebound after the invasive house mice have been removed. Around the world, restored islands have shown an incredible ability to recover after invasive rodents are removed and we expect to see the same thing on the Farallon Islands. Point Blue will continue its ecological monitoring on the island before, during, and after the eradication and we look forward to sharing results with the world.”

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