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East Bay Oystercatchers 2021

Team participants: Maya Hayden, Meredith Elliot, Julian Wood, Mani Oliva, Allison Ford and Abby Ogden.

We decided to keep the team small due to continuing health concerns from the pandemic. Our team focused on the birds of the East Bay. We were hoping to exceed our count of 90 in our inaugural year last year, as well as find the elusive Black Oystercatcher, which we did find last year and is our team mascot.

We began at sunrise in Tilden Park in Berkeley and ended at sundown at Arrowhead marsh in Oakland. Our final count was 85, with many wonderful species identified including: Great Horned Owl, Northern Flicker, Belted Kingfisher, and as the sun began to set along the Bay Meredith found a Black Oystercatcher which was cause for great celebration by the team.