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Help Shape Climate Stewards Curriculum

The University of California, California Naturalist Program Climate Stewards Initiative is developing a new certification course with an anticipated launch in 2021. This course will certify adults as UC Climate Stewards across California. The vision for the certification is to prepare Climate Stewards to communicate and engage in local, collective activities to advance community and ecosystem resilience in a changing climate. Once certified, volunteers will join a vibrant Community of Practice made up of Climate Stewards from across the state sharing best practices and supporting each other in their work.

In an effort to ensure a robust and meaningful certification course, the UC Climate Stewards Initiative is currently conducting a needs assessment to inform the creation of content for the course curriculum. If you would like to contribute to the formation of this new course, please follow this link:

They are using Point Blue research in Unit III (Climate and Earth Systems Connections) and Unit IV (Water, Energy, and Agriculture in California) of the Climate Stewards course. The material they know they’ll be sharing (with the possibility of sharing other items) is: Water and the Future of the San Joaquin Valley, Trends in abundance of wintering waterbirds relative to rainfall patterns at a central California estuary, 1972-2015, Maximizing the carbon and biodiversity benefits of habitat restoration along rivers and streams, and Managing Drought in a Changing Climate: Four Essential Reforms.

Point Blue may also participate as capstone advisers once the program starts in 2021. Thanks in advance for participating in the curriculum development.