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How Cool is Petaluma?

Have you heard? Petaluma, where Point Blue is headquartered, was one of three cities in California, along with Los Angeles and Irvine, to receive $1million through the Cool City Challenge to address climate change at the neighborhood level. Watch the KPIX 5 news story here and find a Bohemian article here to learn more.

Part of the “cool million” will support the city-wide coordination effort. The other portion will support neighborhood-created projects that reduce emissions and ensure emergency preparedness. Those projects might be modifications that reduce energy usage and increase water efficiency, like solar and grey water. And for emergency preparedness, they might be plans to identify and support those most vulnerable or ways to plan for floods and fire at the neighborhood scale or both.

The kick-off gatherings for those who signed up to be Cool Block Leaders—Petaluma residents who will serve as block coordinators in their neighborhoods—will be happening this month and there’s still time to get involved. Visit the Cool Petaluma website to find out more.

Point Blue was proud to play a part in recruiting some of the 200 Cool Block leaders needed for Petaluma to qualify for the grant (and Petaluma actually blew that requirement out of the water, recruiting 300 block leaders!). Three of our very own Petaluma-based staff members have signed up to be Block Leaders as well! We are committed to staying in touch with Petaluma’s Cool Block organizers to provide our expertise and leadership as the effort progresses and comes into focus.

Climate solutions are happening at many levels—from science-based guidance of marine protected areas and coastal planning to local, state, and national policy efforts, to each of us reducing carbon emissions and preparing for extremes at home. All of our collaborative actions make a difference.

Cheers to more teamwork towards climate solutions in 2022!