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Our Role in a New Plan for Bay Area Wetlands

The Wetlands Regional Monitoring Program Plan is out and online!

Learn more about the plan at

The Wetlands Regional Monitoring Program is a collaborative, regional effort to understand how we can restore wetlands in the San Francisco Estuary with a focus on adapting to sea level rise. The Plan is the result of 2 yrs of work from a committed group of regulators, scientists, and restoration practitioners. Point Blue is proud to have been part of the team. We were involved in crafting this plan by serving on the Steering Committee and leading the Wildlife Indicators Workgroup.

How might this plan relate to you?

  • Field Scientists: Data you collect might be used to measure habitat quality
  • Restoration Practitioners: Restoration you do might be evaluated using this Plan
  • Agencies: Your regulatory monitoring requirements might be based on this Plan
  • Data Scientists: Data infrastructure you built might need to be linked to this Plan
  • Nature Advocates: The baylands you know and love might become even more diverse and productive because of this Plan!

We will be involved in the next Phase which is focused on data management, led by SFEI, and on developing the charter and funding mechanisms.

Point Blue Contact

Julian Wood
San Francisco Bay Program Leader