Mel Preston

Rangeland Field Ecologist

I am part of Point Blue’s on-site science partnership with TomKat Ranch, located in San Mateo county. As a Rangeland Field Ecologist, I collect data and manage the Central Coast portion of Point Blue’s Rangeland Monitoring Network. I spend a lot of time in the field sampling soils, plants, and birds on the breathtaking rangelands of the Central Coast. I love natural history and learning the habits of the birds, plants, bees, and even the soil microbes that are all around us. By spending time on the land with the people stewarding it, I hope to foster both resilient ecosystems and resilient relationships between scientists, practitioners, and our communities.

I grew up playing outside, riding horses, watching birds, and being a book nerd in a rural town in San Diego county, California. I graduated with a degree in Integrative Biology from University of California Berkeley in 2007 and began my first “bird” job with Point Blue in 2009 as a seasonal field biologist in the Northern Sierras. I collected data on woodpeckers and songbirds in post-fire habitats for 4 summers, and was hooked on bird work for life.