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Emily Mecke

Roots Program Coordinator


Funded Roots Program Practices

The Roots Program is implementing and funding a variety of practices to benefit wildlife, fish, and pollinators. Through our community-centered model, these practices have been developed in collaboration with applicants on a variety of working landscapes across California. Examples are provided below; however, this is not an inclusive list of all practices eligible for funding.

  • Native plant hedgerow, pollinator plantings, monarch butterfly plantings
  • Riparian/creek restoration, including plantings, invasive species removal, and exclusion fencing
  • Oak woodland restoration, including plantings, vegetation thinning, and invasive species removal
  • Native grassland restoration
  • Bird nest boxes, raptor perches, bat roosting boxes, bee boxes, wildlife brush piles, and other wildlife structures
  • Beaver Dam Analogs (BDAs) or other in-stream woody structures
  • Hazardous fence removal and installing wildlife-friendly fencing
  • Off stream livestock water and wildlife water sources

Restoration Practices Funded through the Roots Program

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