Monthly Banding Summary, May 2014

This summary was compiled by Palomarin banding interns Kim Geissler and Brian Cole with help from Renée Cormier, Banding Supervisor. Exciting Captures and Observations: The breeding season continues with vigor! In May, the banding interns were busy catching fledglings of multiple species, and visiting two additional banding sites, Lagunitas Creek and Redwood Creek. Neither site


Where are they Now? A Diamond in the Rough

I was doing a Google Search that included the key word, “Palomarin Field Station” and luckily stumbled upon this heart-warming post on another blog by a former intern (“Laura Goes Birding“). This post exemplifies the kind of long-lasting impact our intern training program at the Palomarin (Palo) can and often has on a young person.  Laura now lives in Portland, Oregon,