If You Can’t Choose One, Draw Them All!

This is a story of an artist inspired by science. Or… it’s a story of a scientist inspired by art. Hmmm, actually, it’s both! This is a story of how beautifully art and science can merge to support a person’s path through life and inspire others along the way.



Today at our Palomarin Field Station we caught an adult male Western Bluebird. That in itself is something to celebrate. They are gorgeous. But there is a special story behind this particular guy. We don’t catch adult Western Bluebirds very often at Palomarin, in fact this is only the tenth capture from the past 20


The Lookers Go Green!

Recently, Palo’s Rich Stallcup Bird-A-Thon team took Bolinas by storm when we trekked 14.5 miles on foot and in style for our first-ever carbon free Bird-A-Thon! Our team, The Lookers, continued our annual tradition of wearing our finest threads while counting birds and raising funds for Point Blue and Palo. This year’s Lookers were made up of