Summer Banding Summary, May-July 2023

May to July marked the busiest time of the season for the spring-summer banders at Palo, and as the summer went on, a shift in captures to mostly young (hatch-year) birds. Read more about the summer happenings at the Palomarin Field Station here.


If You Can’t Choose One, Draw Them All!

This is a story of an artist inspired by science. Or… it’s a story of a scientist inspired by art. Hmmm, actually, it’s both! This is a story of how beautifully art and science can merge to support a person’s path through life and inspire others along the way.


Point Blue Conservation Science: Monthly Banding Summary, October 2018

October at the Palomarin Field Station brings a gradual transition from fall migrants just passing through, to winter residents moving in. As the number of fall migrants caught in our nets dwindles, we say hello again to the familiar winter faces of Fox Sparrows, Hermit Thrushes, and Ruby-crowned Kinglets, among others.